Thursday, August 09, 2007

Who gets the flu in the summer?

Obvioulsy, I do! I have been sick since the weekend. Missed work all day Monday and Tuesday and half day Wednesday. Still feel tired and sluggish. It stinks to get sick in the summer. I can understand a winter cold when it's 20 below zero, but it is in the 80's this week. Very nice weather. Lots of people at work are getting sick, so it just passed along to me. Hazards of working in health care I guess, but you would think I would have great immunity to germs working in this environment so long. But hey, I'm sharing the fun, Page is coming down with it and I think the kids are next.


Jamie said...

We're sick, too! Sore throats, coughs, ear aches, long naps, fussy nights...all 5 of us to one degree or another! Hopefully we'll all be well over the weekend becuase next week is kindergarten camp and then we have to pack in all our summer funinto the next two weeks--no more sickies! I hope you all get better quick!

PS: Nice gift at Steph's shower tonight--you're so thoughtful! How bizarre she's married, eh? hm.

Kira Joy said...

Oh man! I hope you are healthy now!