Saturday, August 25, 2007

Family Outing

This afternoon, Page, Sean and I took a little drive up Chief Joseph Highway. The highway starts only about 30 minutes from our house, and ends at the Beartooth Highway. Just minutes into our trip on the highway we saw a young bear running up the hill. Sean got a great picture of it on his camera. We were thrilled to see a bear. Then to our amazement just a turn up the hill we saw yet another small cub. He was smaller than the first. He was sitting in the middle of the road. As soon as he saw us he ran up into some trees. We never did see a mama bear. The scenic byway is beautiful. We saw rivers, waterfalls, lakes, meadows, majestic mountain peaks. We were hoping to see some Rock Chucks, but they were all hiding today I guess. We finished the trip down in Red Lodge and stopped at a great candy store that had every candy you could think of. We were good and only bought a couple small pieces of taffy and fruit slices. It took us four hours to get to Red Lodge on the highway. We were so high up, we even saw some remaining snow. On the way back we took the fast route around the mountain range and got home in about an hour. But all we saw was desert. We had a good time. We wanted to do something with Sean before he left for BYU. Lacey is up in Washington visiting a friend so she missed out on all the fun, but I'm sure she is having her own adventures.

Here is Sean at the top of Dead Indian Pass on Chief Joseph's Highway in Wyoming

Here I am on the Montana side of the Beartooth ready to descend down to Red Lodge.


Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Happy, looks like it was beautiful journey. I absolutely love Montana. We lived in Missoula and then up Lolo Creek Canyon when I was child. I miss it. I'm hoping to get to Billings in the next few months and do a booksigning and a fireside. Are you anywhere close to there?

Sean will have a blast at BYU. Oooh, I just got excited all over again about the upcoming game. Go Cougars!

Kira Joy said...

One last hurrah! I hope it was great!