Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Catching the Fat

A common virus that causes colds can be a factor in obesity, according to a study released Monday offering further evidence that a weight problem may be contagious.

The adenovirus-36 (Ad 36) has already been implicated as the cause of weight gain in animals, but with this study researchers showed for the first time that it can also cause humans to pile on the pounds.

The findings could accelerate the development of a vaccine or an antiviral medication to help fight the battle of the bulge alongside diet and exercise.

This really explains a lot. I obviously have some type of virus......


Kira Joy said...

I heard that this morning too. I got really excited to have another excuse!

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Hey Happy Gilmore thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm doing the "rise and shout" too. Jackson, Harvey's dad, offered tickets to us, but my husband passed on them. We really like to have friend over, eat and shout and have a blast watching the game.

You are a BYU Dad now, so USC alum or not, you do have to get a BYU shirt. I got mine yesterday. And thanks for cheering extra loud for my nephews. Sete, Harvey, Eathan and Tyler (although Tyler will probably not see any playing time. Yes, I'm sad.) Tyler isn't as insane a player as his father, Glen Kozlowski was. So he's good, but Glen had no problem sacrificing his body for the play. He was a crazy player.

Now, to your blog. Oh crap, another strike against losing weight. I'm trying so hard. Healthy chocolate, 5HTP, lots of water and truckloads of exercise around writing, marketing and housecleaning.

Karie said...

You act like I shopped at Penny's. I remeber getting clothes at thrifty's (ya, the place you can buy ice cream at)Theresa's Mom always got her clothes at May Co. I thought they were so rich! I think the yellow cords would have looked great on you! I think there was some yellow in the silky John Travolta disco shirt your Dad bought for you..heee-heee