Saturday, June 23, 2007


We had to put down our golden retriever, Molly, this morning. It was one of the hardest things we ever had to do. Molly was almost 16 and had cancer and hip problems. It was hard for her to get up anymore and her back legs would give out on her. She also was in pain. We have had Molly since she was a little puppy. She practically was raised with the kids. Sean was 3 and Lacey was 6 when Santa brought her to us for Christmas.

Molly loved to bark. She barked at everything. She could bark for hours! She was also a sweet and loving dog. We love her so much. She loved to chase cats and squirrels. She caught a squirrel once in Louisiana, it wasn't pretty. She also was a mama many times over with two different litters.

She lived a full long life in California, Louisiana, Texas, Montana and spent a few weeks with me in Wyoming too. We took her to our vet this morning and things went very peaceful. She slowly went to sleep and we petted her and told her how much we loved her. The vet was very sensitive and professional. Our good friends, the Bowdens, let us bury her up on their property located on the Wine Glass above Livingston. She is overlooking a beautiful view. We are very sad to lose her, but she had a happy life with us. Our other dog, a black lab, Liberty, is lost without her. They were joined at the hip for four years. I'm sure anyone who has lost a loved family pet knows how we are feeling today.

Molly's grave is just in front and to the right of the post up on the Wine Glass, near Livingston

This view is from Molly's grave looking over to Paradise Valley


Jenn said...

Sorry for your loss. Bummer!

Kira Joy said...

I know how close people can get to their pets, I'm sure this is just heart-wrenching for you guys. She sounds like she was a great dog and friend. I feel for you loss.