Monday, June 04, 2007

Duty to God

Sean received his Duty to God Award Sunday morning at Church. He completed the entire program which included the Deacon assignments, Teacher assignments and Priest Assignments. It took him 6 years to complete. I don't know too many boys who have accomplished this.

Sean was also sustained and ordained today an Elder in the Melkezedek Priesthood. I was able to confer the Priesthood on him. What an honor for me as Sean's father to do that. He gave a very sweet testimony today too. He has really prepared himself for this big step.

Here is a picture of all of us who made it today from our family to support Sean. Later we would watch him graduate from high school. It is a pretty important and busy day for us.

Sean with Grandma Wilma

Sean with Grandpa Art and Grandma Sherry

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Kira Joy said...

Ok. Ok. So he graduated. Congrats.
But the highlight of this post for me was the righteous beanies and the hot variety of colors I saw sported on that dear woman in the pictures. What style! I love it. Send her my compliments!