Friday, June 01, 2007

Last Day of School

I snapped this picture this morning before Sean ran off for his last day of school, last day of high school! He was going to have a pretty easy day of it: graduation practice and then a Senior BBQ. But one of his teachers had a great idea that his class should write a paper that was due today before 8 a.m., since grades had to be turned in. He worked on it last night and got up early and finished the paper and ran it up to school. What a good student.

Sean just showed up at home around 7 p.m. He was out with his friend, Sant, and they hit a couple parties already. I guess it is time to celebrate.

Here is a picture of Sean on his first day of school as a Senior in August. He started his Senior year at Lufkin High School in Texas and ended it at Park High School in Montana.

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