Monday, June 04, 2007


Sean graduated from high school Sunday afternoon. It was a wonderful ceremony. Grandparents from California were here and his family to witness this great occasion. He marched in and he looked so good in his purple and the National Honor Society sash. We heard some funny speeches and we saw a wonderful slide show. They showed a picture of Sean when he was little at the River when he caught his first fish, a picture of him on a swing as a small boy and his senior picture. Later we were surprised to see one of him and Sant flexing their muscles, and then another one of him at the winter formal. It was exciting to hear them call his name as he stepped up on the stage to receive his diploma. He was all smiles. He has worked very hard and has had a great senior year. Now he is preparing to go to Brigham Young University in the fall. After graduation today we went to a few graduation parties around town. It was a lot of fun.
Sean marching in to Pomp & Circumstance

Sean, receiving his diploma

Now all the Gilmores are high school graduates!

Mom and Dad are proud of Sean, he has the National Honor Society sash on. He has a black fly on his gown too that Mr. Gates gave all the seniors in band to wear.

Lacey and Grandma Sherry

Sean and Sant showing off their diplomas

Here is Sean with a few of his good friends.

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Syndi said...

Hey Mike, Taylor told me you had a blog and I thought I would check it out..You guys must feel awesome, Great job Sean! It was nice to catch up and see your family..You and Page have done a great job with the kids..I'm hoping that Dani and Taylor will eventually graduate from HS..Ugh! Take care, Syndi