Friday, June 22, 2007

Beartooth Highway

Mom, Lacey and I decided to go to Red Lodge, MT for dinner on Wednesday. What usually takes 45 minutes took us 4 hours because we decided to go up and over the mountain on the Chief Joseph Highway and Beartooth Highway. These are probably the most scenic drives in the lower 48. Here we are looking down into Sunlight Basin. We were on a lot of wynding roads, saw lots of rivers, creeks, lakes, trees, waterfalls, snow, huge prairie dog type animals. It's a great drive. Just plan on spending most of the day on it. We had so much fun. Lacey is already planning another trip to show Sean.

There are some pretty spots on the Chief Joseph Highway. Lacey and I kept getting out of the car to take pictures. Grandma Wilma stayed in the car for most of the trip, but got to see some pretty country.

Is this the Bear Tooth? We saw a sign on the side of the road here that said Beartooth. It was a big mountain range across a deep valley. This point looked like a tooth to us, so we are guessing the Beartooth Range got its name from something that resembled a bear's tooth. Anybody know?

Don't you think this looks like a bear's tooth? At first I thought this was the "beartooth" This was shot where the Chief Joseph Highway ended at the Beartooth highway. We turned right to head for Red Lodge.

Lacey was hanging over the bridge to take this shot. I had a hold of her belt loop! I'm getting too old for all this daredevil stuff.

Lacey was standing very close to this waterfall. I was yelling at her to not stand so close. I was nervous, she thought I was over-reacting.

Lacey loved this lake, she said it was one of the most beautiful spots she has ever seen.

Mom and Lacey wanted to take a picture next to the snow wall near the top of the mountain. The air was so thin that Mom got dizzy walking back to the car. I bet we were about 10,000 feet up.


Jenn said...

Wow, awesome photos...sounds like a great trip. I have never been there or even to Red Lodge. Maybe I'll have to take a road trip!
ANd I'm with ya on the "standing to close to the edge"stuff. I've always been a bit scared of that kind of thing!

Kira Joy said...

Even just seeing the pictures of Lacey's thrill seeking, I was getting a little anxiety. I am such a wuss, I can't do stuff like that, especially lean over a bridge...I hate bridges!

It looks like a beautiful drive! I hope ya'll had fun.