Saturday, June 17, 2006

USA survives

USA 1 Italy 1
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Our electricity went out in a bad thunderstorm at noon today and didn't come back up until 7:30 tonite. I turned on the TV to see the replay of the USA-Italy World Cup match. I watched Italy score and thought, oh no, just like last time..... then we get a flook goal and we are tied. YES!!!! Then the unbelievable happens, an Italian player totally elbows McBride in the face. So blatant and he gets a red card. Well deserved ejection. Now we are up one player. But hold on, we get a bad call and red card to USA (that should have been a yellow card). Crazy game. It's half time and it's tied. Since it is a replay, I already know the outcome. Way to fight back USA. With the Chzech Republic's shocking loss today, we still were in the hunt even if we lost today, but glad we tied, should have won. USA showed a lot of heart today.

Sean- Diego came by today. He goes home to Ecuador on Wednesday morning. You don't get back from Montana until Monday night, so he says he is going to call you early Tuesday to hang out. He is going to watch the Ecuador match on Tuesday morning, and I think he wants you to join him.

*EDIT* OK- I have to come back and add this.... Pope gets a red card, two seconds into the second half? Is this ref for real? Doing this in the WORLD CUP?????!!!!Throw the bum out! And these Italians are great actors, they get bumped and they act like you just broke their bones. One man down and we still tie them. USA USA USA

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brent said...

Oh, yes! The Italian's gotta be an artform for them. And the ref is the most whistle-happy I've seen in a long time.

Ok, sorry for the venting. At least we tied!