Thursday, June 15, 2006

Spain wins in Germany

ok, I know most Americans are not watching the World Cup in Germany, but if you lived anywhere else in the world this would be the biggest thing going on in your life right now.  The world goes crazy for the World Cup.  I love watching the Spanish Futbol Team.  I was in Spain on my mission in 1982 when Spain hosted the World Cup.  It was huge.  I remember nobody answering their doors to the missionaries when a soccer game was on TV.  If they did open their door, they would invite us to sit down and watch the game with them, but not teach. 
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Spain beat the Ukraine 4-0 yesterday.  So they move on.  Great victory to the boys from Spain.  Viva Espana !

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting  Spain has never won the World Cup.  Maybe this year?

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Sean said...

fat chance...the south americans own at the world cup...those crazy Brazilians

Dad said...

Hey Sean, Ecuador beat Costa Rica today 3-0. Bet Diego is happy about that. Ecuador plays Germany next.... your favorite... Germany!

brent said...

Speaking of South Americans, I think the Argentines have an excellent chance of taking it all, even though Spain is on a hot streak at the moment. It's been really tough not calling in "sick" during all these incredible games.

Oh, just a random question: What's up with everyone scoring in the last five minutes of the game?