Monday, February 20, 2006

Saturday in Shreveport for Mardi Gras

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Look at the beads we caught.  Here we are eating at Pepes.

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King Cake-  Lacey found the baby in her piece!


Jamie said...

you're all so cute! how fun! is lacy in touch with kim? Cuz kim came home this weekend and is all in love and stuff. like, seriously. it's kind of exciting...but i won't believe anything until i hear it from the horses mouth. all i got out of her was a shy, "um,'s cool, he's cool..." HMMMMM!?!?!

Crazy. said...

Heck yes I found the baby! I bit down and was like OW! Stupid baby.. That picture in pepe's is awesome! WE RULE!!! and sean didnt wanna take it..

<3 Lacey

p.s. she is not all in love and stuff, she doesnt even like that guy and she says its awkward to even look at him. haha. thats what happens when robin tyner hooks you up with someone LOL jk =P