Friday, February 24, 2006

I slept through the night

I actually slept all night last night. I guess talking about the things that stressed me out, helped aleve it. Poor Page had to hear me ramble for awhile to get it all off my chest. I also went out on splits with the Elders last night, so maybe I got some blessings for that, and watched the Olympics. Too bad Sasha fell, but Silver is still something to be proud of.


Jenn said...

Glad to hear that you finally slept the night....I too have issues with that....and it is stress related!
Hope you feel better!

Jamie said...

I tend to be a bit of a stress case, too (had a duodenal ulcer at 11 years old), but one of the best things about pregnancy is that vitamin B6 and Unisom I have to take everynight to prevent morning sickness. It usually works pretty well, but the side effect of sleeping soundly is the greatest gift of all! I hope things simmer down a little for you, naturally. If they don't, there's always Paxil.

Crazy. said...

Who the heck is jenn???

<3 Lacey

Happy Gilmores said...

Jenn is Sister Claar from Livingston!