Saturday, February 11, 2006


I finally got to see Elizabethtown on Thursday. We rented the video. As you may know, I really like Paula Deen, and she is in this movie as a crazy aunt. The movie was pretty good. I found myself wanting to be a part of a huge, loud, caotic family. I could relate how Orlando Bloom's character had to adjust from coming from an urban west coast environment out to the heartland and how different life is there. I could relate to how he put his heart and soul into his work, and how fast he fell from success and have to start over again. How he was expected to be the "stong" one when his dad died, and yet still try to make everyone happy too. I could reltate to how he really didn't know his dad, and how he made peace with him on that long road trip. I don't usually like Susan Ssarandon, but her final scene when she is on stage talking to the tough crowd (her husband's clan) she became human and she won me over (like she did the rest of the crowd in the ballroom). And one last thing, Orlando's character learns, (like I already know), that the love of a good woman can save you and get you through anything. It took him long enough to figure it out. When you have the love and support of the woman you love, anything is bearable, and life is wonderful! He finally found out what is most important in life and the secret of happiness. But hey, it's tough to remember that sometimes because life doesn't stop, adversity doesn't end, and the dragons have to be slain every single day. So it's nice to come home.

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Jill petersen said...

Jamies sister says: I too, saw this movie last week and it was very thought provoking. I loved it! I love movies that show what life is all about. I usually don't like Kirsten Dunst because she annoys me but she was perfect for this role. I also have to have the soundtrack. Didn't you love the idea of driving across country with a map and enough songs to get him throuh each state? How cool is that?!