Sunday, February 26, 2006

Krewe of Gemini

Well Shreveport celebrated Mardi Gras again this weekend when the Krewe of Gemini took to the streets. The weather was a lot warmer this weekend compared to last weekend. Only Lacey and I went to the parade. Sean went to a party given by a couple girls from church. Page was frantically getting ready for New Beginnings and couldn't spare a minute, plus she got word Friday night her Mom was admitted to the hospital with dehydration and she was monitoring her condition.

Well, the parade was a good one. We caught alot of beads and a lot more toys (stuffed animals, balls, etc) compared to last week. I caught some really cool rope beads with a mardi gras doll head on it. Really cool. And Lacey caught a vodoo doll. We went and picked up some of Lacey's friends- Samantha, Layne, Shawn and Porter. After the parade we went over to the Louisiana Boardwalk and ate at the Buffalo Stop. Seeing all the buffalo artwork reminded me of Montana. We got another King Cake and we will have it on Tuesday (actual Mardi Gras).

We had a good time- but that two hour drive back home is not really that much fun. But gas in Shreveport is only $1.95 compared to $2.15 back home.


Jamie said...

Page, I hope your mom is okay. Sorry to hear about you missing all the fun. Hey, Mike, you should send the Melins some of your booty!

Jenn said...

Looks like you guys had some great fun! I have never been to the South/ let alone Mardi Gras. Maybe some day.
Hope Page's mom gets to feeling better real soon.
Enjoy your yummy King Cake!