Saturday, January 05, 2008

Romney wins Wyoming

Today, we had our caucuses in Wyoming. Mitt Romney won almost all of Wyomings delegates. It was a landslide! He won 67% of the vote. No big evangelical base like in Iowa, and really not a big LDS base either. LDS is only 10% of WY population. Mitt did campaign a few times in Wyoming and I think that helped him a lot. Huckabee ignored us and didn't get a single delegate. Neither did McCain.

Some observations about Iowa: in Iowa, in the non-evangelical counties, Mitt won the vote 2-1. So he is still getting a lot of support despite how the media is painting things. But clearly, Huckabee had the evangelical vote in Iowa. We can all agree with that, right?. Good for him. Now lets hope Mitt can turn it around in New Hampshire. I'm glad my state (YEAH WYOMING!) is backing Romney. Romney even though he came in second in Iowa, and if he comes in second in New Hampshire, he is still racking up delegates and probably will be leading the delegate count at that time. Keep an eye on the delegate count... that's what wins you the nomination.

What I loved most about Iowa was the defeat of Hillary to Obama. Was that sweet or what?


Kira Joy said...

I like hearing your political updates...I didn't know Mitt won 2-1 for the non-evangelical counties in Iowa.

Jenn said...

I'm so glad that Obama beat out Hillary...hopefully that will continue!
And YEAH for WY!