Sunday, January 27, 2008

Alan Simpson

Well I was coming home tonight from my MGMA Leadership Conference in Denver tonight and got on the plane at about 6:10 p.m. I was in seat 2C. I helped this lady with her bags in the overhead (I have to admit, I helped because I didn't want her to smash the three carmel apples I bought at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in the airport). She sat down and I realized it was Ann Simpson! I knew that because she was sitting down next to Senator Alan Simpson, the former U.S. Senator from Wyoming. He was in seat 1C. He was reading the whole trip. I kept trying to see what it was, because he was saying he was flying home today from Washington DC. I just knew he was reading top secret materials. But my eyes are so bad anymore, I couldn't see anything! I wanted to ask him if he was sick of the phoney conservative McCain yet, and if he was proud that our state of Wyoming is supporting Romney..... but remember he was into his top secret documents so I left him alone.

I got a kick out of him when we landed. He took out his bank card and was using the ATM machine, just like us regular people. I wonder why that seemed strange to me. I guess he needed some fast cash. It was pretty cool.

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