Saturday, January 19, 2008

I guess it's back to Politics

Well, Andy Roddick lost a close match in the 3rd round of the Australian. Seems like his opponent played the match of his life and beat Andy in the 5th set. Is it just me or does it seem this is always the story. Somebody plays beyond their abilities to beat Roddick. Oh well, I guess that was a short lived diversion from politics.

The news is already reporting a Romney landslide in Nevada today. But also downplaying it by saying he won 90% of the Mormon vote there. McCain was way back in 2nd place. I wonder if they will make a big issue that he (McCain) lost a neighboring state like they did when Mitt lost New Hampshire. But Mitt also won more Evangelical vote today in NV than Huckabee did! Mitt is not expected to do any better than 3rd or 4th in South Carolina today. Pundits will only focus on SC results today, is my hunch.... But Mitt is still leading in vote count and delegate count.

Well I guess I'm going to go clean the garage now. Happy Saturday!

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