Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Australian Open

The Australian Open is underway and like usual, I am backing Andy Roddick to win. He beat his first opponent (Dlouhy) on Monday 6-3,6-4, 7-5. There was some concern that Federer might be out because he has been battling food poisoning, but he was on fire during the first round too. Andy plays Berrer tomorrow (actually in about 2 hours). Good luck Andy!

With all the politics going on, I haven't followed the Australian Open too closely. Did you see the HUGE win for Romney in Michigan? I was very happy and hope he can gain some momentum out of it. One thing is for sure, this is a crazy contest, on both sides. Hate to see the Democrats using the race card against each other. Just as I have hated people using the religion card on the Republican side.


Kira Joy said...

I hate seeing the same stuff in the elections...I always think to myself, "Do they realize we are living in 2008 here? Haven't we got passed these things yet?"

Candace E. Salima said...

Good luck for Andy. And yes, I was thrilled about Mitt Romney's win in Michigan. I believe he will also win in Nevada. I'm holding strong to promote him as the viable candidate for the GOP nomination. Then I'm going to work hard, because if we think the anti-Mormon rhetoric is bad now, wait until he wins the nomination. It's definitely time to stand up and be counted.