Monday, July 07, 2008

Missionary Dinner

We had Elder Flake of AZ and Elder Journey of KS over for dinner yesterday. First time we have had missionaries over for dinner since Sean has left for his mission (almost 3 weeks now). We have had sister missionaries in Powell like forever, but they just changed them out for Elders last month. We knew Elder Flake from Livingston when we were up there a few times in May for graduation and June for Sean's farewell. Elder Journey is a friend of Joseph Naylor, who just started his mission in Las Vegas, and was a good friend of Sean's at BYU. They were in the same floor at Merrill Hall and in Freshman Academy together... small world. Anyway, Page made her yummy crockpot chicken, corn, salad, rolls, and watermelon. For dessert she made an ice cream sandwich dessert where you layer ice cream sandwiches then chocolate sauce then whipped cream then another layer of ice cream sandwiches. Elder Journey loved it so much, he had to helpings. Lacey came over for dinner too.

At church today, we also talked the Bishop into letting Page and I be in charge of the missionary bulletin board. It hasn't been updated in a long time. In fact three missionaries are not up on the board that could be, and one of them is Sean, so we had a vested interested in taking over the missions board. I'm sure we will have that thing updated in a week.


Lacking Productivity said...

mmmm...I love ice cream sandwich cake...but I like to swap the fudge for caramel.

Mama said...

bless you for doing the missionary board!!!! My wards was nasty, I think it was blue green cork board...old and yucky so Karl and I went out and bought some velvet and gold cord and decked it our all sweet! The missionaries deserve to be honored.