Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lacey's Birthday

Lacey turned 22 today. She hs really grown a lot this year. This year she started a good job at the hospital, moved into a little house with her girlfriend and bought a car. She is really becoming independent and it is hard to let our little girl go, but we are so proud of her and the person she is. We hope you had a wonderful Birthday today, Lacey.

Lacey came over after work tonight and opened up all her presents. Then we had a fun dinner at Skyline. Here are a couple purses we got her. Purple and Green. She loved them. We got matching shoes for both purses and a green party dress too. She almost ended up with a pink one too, but we restrained ourselves.

Grandma Sherry framed a couple sweet pictures of Lacey with her Grandpa Art when she was a baby, plus sent Lacey a little troll that was a favorite of Grandpa's. These were her most favorite gifts of the day.

If you are wondering why Lacey's eyes are a little puffy, she got a little emotional thinking about her Grandpa. She was Grandpa's girl and she misses him so much.

Here are the purple shoes Lacey got- will go great with the purple purse and purple stripped shirt we got her.

Got to have a pair of red ones !

And these are called "Mudds" and they also were a big hit. She also got purple flip-flops and a pair of green flats, and that was only a part of what she got today. These kind of Birthday's are exciting.

At dinner we had fun remembering back the day Lacey was born, and all the fun Page was having..... Thinking back on the day that this girl came into our lives has brought to mind how blessed we are that Heavenly Father sent this precious daughter to us to raise.

We LOVE you, Lacey !!! Our little sugar womps, our digger diggies!