Saturday, July 19, 2008

Demolition Derby

I went with Lacey to see a Demolition Derby this afternoon. It was up in Bridger, Montana, not too far from Powell. She wanted to see her friend Brad. This is Brad in the black car. He did really well and won his group and moved onto the championship round.

Brad's brother Shawn was in the yellow car.

So we watched a bunch of men driving around in circles and smashing into each other. I learned some things about Derby. You cannot smash into the drivers door or you are disqualified. When you are out of commission you take down the flag that is taped to your door. And you can't keep your bumper secure with a chain. The winner of the event was disqualified when they discovered he had chains holding up his front bumper, so the prize money went to the second place guy. Brad didn't win. His car stalled and got stuck in a dirt mound.

Lacey told me that she LOVES derby now. There is another one next week at the Park County Fair in Powell, then after that there is one in Basin. I think this red-head will be in the stands cheering.
This derby was packed with fans. We had to sit on the stairs in the bleachers because every seat was taken.
The best thing about the Derby for me, was spending time with Lacey. She is so fun to hang around with.


Jenn said...

Sounds like fun!

ps. what the heck happened with Nancy at the Quality Inn??? She drives me crazy sometimes!

Lacey said...

You forgot to mention how dang good brad looked in that car!! haha... i get to help paint the one for basin for sure... and maybe the one for powell on saturday :)

Lacking Productivity said...

Those are so much fun!