Sunday, July 27, 2008

County Fair

Saturday morning Lacey and I headed down to Park Street to line up for the parade. We were walking in the parade for the hospital. Lacey was a wolf. I just wore my good ol' hat.

Nice Lacey, you look just like a wolf. We threw candy and t-shirts down the parade route. It was fun.

Saturday night I went with Lacey to watch the Demolition Derby. Brad was in the herby derby- made up of smaller cars. Lacey helped paint his car and she was really proud of it. Hard to see but on the trunk is a picture of Garfield the Cat, with a steering wheel, saying "Eat my Dust!".

Unfortunately Brad didn't win, he had a little bit of car trouble. But he did come in third place.

Lacey was wearing the team colors in the stand. We enjoyed the derby and sipped on a couple Texas Twisters and then I went home with a corn dog in my hand. The fair was a lot of fun this year.


Lacey said...

Brad's tire-rod broke... thats why the two front tires collapsed inward and one went flat! And he got in 4th place actually... at least thats what he says... it looked like 3rd to us though! oh well.... he wasnt in a very good mood afterward, we went back to the pits after to help him load the car. but on sunday he was back to being his normal happy self lol... poor brad!

Lacking Productivity said...

I love when you mention the fair foods you ate...they always sound so delicious.