Monday, May 05, 2008

Temple Trip

On April 25th, Sean received his endowment in the Los Angeles Temple. We traveled down to California after we picked him up from BYU so that his grandmothers could be in the Temple with him. The LA Temple is special to us because this is where Page and I also received our endowments and were married, same as with both sets of Grandparents. Grandpa Art was a Temple worker here and Grandma Sherry still is. We had a very special experience and know that the veil is very thin, especially in the Lord's House.

Sean after coming out of the Temple

Grandma Sherry, Grandma Wilma, Mom and Aunt Kim shared this special day with Sean

Page, Sean and Me

Sean and Grandma Sherry

Grandma Wilma and Sean

Saint George Utah Temple, the first operating temple in Utah

On the way home to Wyoming we stopped and went through the Saint George, Utah Temple


Jamie said...

COOL! I have pix of my grandpa & great gramps working on the LA Temple...we're almost related we have so much family history in common!

Karie said...

I'm so proud of you Sean! We are counting the the weeks!