Saturday, May 03, 2008

Back from BYU

Sean finished up his first year of college at BYU on Wed. April 23rd. Page and I headed down on Tuesday night and spent the night in Lander, then headed out early to Utah. We had a lot on our plate. We had to get Sean's stuff out of the dorm, make sure it passed inspection (Sean did a great job cleaning!) then get his stuff over to Aunt Hopes for a few days because we headed down to Los Angeles on Thursday morning so Sean could go through the temple for the first time in Los Angeles with his grandmothers there. Before we left Provo we took Sean and Natalie to dinner and did some missionary supplies shopping. We went to the LA Temple on Friday then headed back home on Saturday morning. We stopped Saturday in St. George because Sean wanted to go through the temple there, then we got into Orem about midnight and got some sleep, then on Sunday morning loaded the stuff from Aunt Hope's in the car and headed back to Wyoming. We did a lot of driving but had some great experiences.

Page and I took Sean and Natalie to Tucanos Brazilian BBQ in Provo. We spent most of the day getting the last things in Sean's dorm room packed up and hauled over to Aunt Hope's garage and cleaned the dorm room. It passed inspection and we bid BYU farewell.

Page finally got to meet Natalie. Tucanos was so noisy that she still didn't get to chat with her too much. But Natalie did stay with us after dinner to go shopping for all of Sean's mission clothes at Mr. Macs.

Here is one of our servers, named Sean. Servers come around with BBQ meats and carve them and serve them right at your table.


Kira Joy said...

Yippee! Congrats Sean!

Jamie said...

So fun! I love Tucanos (and all of Riverwoods--my old office is there). When we were dating, Rich's roommate was engaged to the manager of Tucano's--SCORE! Great double dating!