Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Archuleta is In The Finals

David Archuleta made it into the finals of American Idol tonight. I'm sure my 5 votes helped. The kid can sing. I haven't watched much this season, but have seen his performances a couple times on YouTube. Last night was the first time I have voted for a contestant since Katharine McPhee. I have to admit, David being Mormon made me want to vote for him to get into the finals. If he wins, you think he will go on a mission? I really enjoyed him singing "With You" last night. Right Boo?


Lacey said...

What the heck, Dad! I can't believe you just used the term 'Boo'..... HAHAHAHA i love you!

Kira Joy said...

I am so excited for the final show! David vs David...I'm a fan of both.