Saturday, December 29, 2007

7 Random Things

Ok, I have been tagged by Candace and Jenn

So here are seven random things about me:

1. I am a twin. Yep, I have a twin brother. He is a great guy and I miss him. We haven't seen too much of each other for the last 8 years after I moved away from California. He has yet to come out to visit. I have been back to CA several times. Let's go fishing, Pat!

2. I am learning the bagpipes! I go up to Billings once a week for free lessons. Once I am good enough, I can join the bagpipe band and perform with them. Yes, I get to wear a kilt. And yes, I do know what goes or does not go under a kilt.

3. I have run in a 10k race before. Always wanted to do it and got in shape and ran in the Long Beach Grand Prix 10k run. Ok, I was in my 20's at the time, but I felt it was a great victory for me, especially since I have always battled my weight my adult life.

4. I love to stop at historical markers. I have the urge to stop at every one. I usually stop now only if I am alone in the car. My family wants to kill me when I do that. But when we are driving somewhere, I think the journey is just as fun as the destination. One of the coolest markers I've seen is the spot where Bonnie and Clyde were shot dead in Louisiana.

5. I have seen and touched all the oceans around the USA. Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. In fact I have been in 33 states. I only have 17 more to go. AL, AK, CT, GA, HI, IN, KY, ME, MA, NC, ND, NH, OH, RI, SC, VT, and WV. I will be in MA in March, so one more down
soon. Also been in 3 different countries: Canada, Mexico and Spain.

6. I've been skinny dipping before. Yep, there were lots of fish traumatized on the Colorado River. We had a cabin on the River and I would spend all my summers down there growing up. Still one of my favorites spots on earth.

7. I have been married to Page for almost 24 years. First real girlfriend I ever had and only girl I kissed more than twice, and only kissed three of them. Third time was the charm. 3 is our special number. We were sealed in sealing room #3 in the Los Angeles Temple. She is a great wife and mother to our children. She wants to go to Hawaii for our 25th. Hmmmm, that would mean one more state......

ok- I'm supposed to tag 7 more people. I think most that I know have already been tagged, so if you are reading this and want to be tagged, I tag YOU!

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