Saturday, January 07, 2006

USC loses in thriller at Rose Bowl

OK, I had to wait a couple days before I posted this aweful news. How could the team of destiny, with the longest winning streak, 2 consecutive national championships, ranked #1, with two Heisman Trophy winners lose to Texas? Ugh. The game ended up 41-38 in favor of the Longhorns. I'm sure you watched the game. It was the most watched college championship game in history. USC did have the chance to win the game many times and fell short. In the end, our defense couldnt stop the Longhorns when it mattered most. But now that a few days have past, I can really appreciate what this team accomplished over the last few years. They have been so much fun to watch. Matt Leinart is my all time favorite USC player. I think the guy is amazing and will hate to see him go. I knew we would eventually lose. And I guess its better to lose in a nail biter against a worthy opponent in a high stakes game than to our rivals Notre Dame or UCLA, or a low ranked team for that matter. Sean and I watched the game alone. We were screaming and yelling. We were up and down. At the end, we felt sick. But guess what, the sun came up the next day. I cant wait for next season to see what my Trojans can do. Sean and I would like to go to the opener in Arkansas in Sept.

Lacey and Page are still out with their Idaho trip. They were able to get all her stuff and headed back to Utah last night. We should see them in a couple days. BYU-Idaho wont give her a deferrment for her mission until she actually goes. She wanted to defer now and work a year before her mission. So she enrolled in a web-based class. If she takes an internet class each semester it keeps her enrolled, so that is what she is going to do. So she is still a part-time BYU-Idaho student.

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