Friday, August 29, 2008

Well it's not Mitt Romney

John McCain picked his VP Running mate today. It's Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska. All I know about her is what the press has reported thus far.

she has been governor for 2 years
she was a mayor
she helped run a small business
5 children- one going to Iraq, one with down-syndrome
Washington DC outsider

I don't know a lot about her, but so far so good. I like what I have heard from her speech too.
I really wanted Mitt Romney, but McCain went another way. I actually feel good about the ticket and plan to support the GOP. I would have had to sit out the election if he chose Mike Huckabee, so I am thrilled about Mike not getting picked MORE than who got picked.

My reaction on the Democratic Convention:

1. The only good speech was that of former President Bill Clinton- have never supported him but he made a good arguement to vote Democrat.
2. All the crying people during the Obama speech, was just strange to me
3. The huge crowds in the stadium for Obama was SUPER IMPRESSIVE
4. Obama just sounded like a typical Democratic nominee in his acceptance speech to me. I was expecting a lot more.
5. I get a kick how they say "Bush-McCain" to tie McCain to Bush. My impression has always been that they really didn't like each other too much. And guess what people, Bush is not running again!
6. I didn't think the backdrop looked like a greek temple, it looked like Washington buildings to me.
7. Obama has cute kids.
8. Democrats are too bitter and promise the moon, but never deliver

So what do you think?

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