Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We got to talk to Sean !!!

Well, Sean made it to Argentina this morning. The American Airlines website said the flight landed at 9 a.m. (6 a.m. Mountain Time). So I can just imagine he has got out of customs, hopped in a mini van and arrived to the mission home already. I can't believe my son is in Argentina.
Yesterday was a great day. Sean was able to call us for about 10 minutes in the Salt Lake City Airport before getting on his flight to Dallas. Then about 4 hours later he called again from Dallas because he had a two hour layover. He sounded so good, and I loved hearing his voice. I was able to speak Spanish with him and he was doing very well. This was a kid that took 5 years of German in school, and just started learning Spanish two months ago in the Missionary Training Center.
He was excited to go to Argentina. He is very prepared to serve this mission. I just got such a boost talking to him that I have a great idea for the missionary department..... you should allow missionaries to call home once a month, even if for only 15 minutes.... well, I thought it was a good idea.....


Lacking Productivity said...

I didn't know he took German...who knows, maybe it'll come in handy.

Jamie said...

I just now checked your blog after several weeks away (oops). It's so fun to read about Sean! Hey, don't tell anybody, but my mom hardly ever wrote me on my mission so my President would call her and ask her to call me and give updates, and when we had hurricanes in North Carolina he let her call me then, too. Sometimes it was cool, but mostly it got annoying(I love you, mom!). You're such good missionary parents & I luv ya!