Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympics are over

The Olympic closing ceremonies were on television last night. Kudos to China!!! The games were fantastic and China was a good host. Too bad their government is so oppressive. Maybe their protesters can be let out of jail now that the world is gone? ok enough politics.

My top 10 olympic moments:

1. Michael Phelps winning 8 gold medals! Unbelievable. Every race I was holding my breath wondering if he was going to make it. He usually not only won, but broke the world record in the process. There were two races that were nail biters. You know which ones!

2. US Men's Water Polo wins silver! Ok, they didn't win gold, but they surprised everyone even making it into the gold medal game against Hungary. Hungary has a professional team made up of 30 year olds who have played together forever. The USA team is made up of 20 year old college students who don't usually play together as a team, so to get silver is fantastic. Besides I have secretly wanted to be a water polo player..... if I was in good shape.....

3. Argentina wins gold medal in soccer. YEAH Argentina!!!! I was more thrilled when they beat Brazil to get into the gold medal game against Nigeria, but I was so happy that Argentina defended their gold medal from the last Olympics in Athens. Doesn't hurt that Sean is living in Argentina for me to support them.

4. Nastia and Shannon- USC Girls Gymanstics- all around- gold and silver. First time in history that USA won gold and silver in this event. Kept China from a clean sweep.

5. Federer wins gold for Switzerland, Mens Doubles Tennis. I haven't been the biggest Roger fan, but with the tough year he is having, glad to see him win a gold medal. He even got emotional on the podieum.

6. US Men win Volleyball gold. Amazing how they rallied and stayed focused after members of coach's family were murdered in Beijing.

7. US Men win bronze in Team Mens Gymnastics. They weren't even expected to medal. We lost our two top guys to injury, yet they showed heart and were on fire to beat out Germany, Russia and South Korea for bronze.

8. USA's Torres wins some silvers in Women's Swimming. She almost won gold, lost by a fingernail. And she is 41 years old! Enough said !!

9. China wins all diving gold medals in men's and women's diving. Now that is dominance.

10. US Men's basketball wins gold. Back on top again. USA is back on top after being knocked off the last couple of olympics, and they did it in convincing fashion. Of course, our team is full of professionals. I think I liked it when we had to play amatuers, but they won the gold with Kobe, LeBrone and the gang. I was also happy to see Spain win silver (I lived there for 2 years) and Argentina won bronze (Sean living there now).

Of course, there were hundreds of other great moments. I loved the olympics from start to finish. All the athletes and all the countries came together and there were many more great stories.

What were your favorite moments?

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