Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

Wyoming is not involved in the mega primary elections today. The WY GOP already had their state conventions earlier this year and went with Romney. Of course, I was happy about that since I am a Romney supporter and even drove over 3 hours to go hear him speak. He has been so close many times to turn things around and take the lead, but has come up pretty short in key states such as Iowa, New Hampshire and Florida. That is why I am so excited about his reported lead in California, but again, he had a lead in Florida too before all the endorsements and dirty tricks the weekend before. McCain is pretty confident that he has things wrapped up. The conservatives are trying hard to sway the electorate to switch to Romney. Huckabee is proving to be a thorn in the side of the Romney campaign draining precious votes away and allowing McCain to surge. I have always felt Huckabee has known he can't win, but thinks if he helps McCain he will have a role in his administration, so he is willing to attack Romney and spoil his chances. You have to wonder how much Romney's religion is playing in this election cycle. Sure he is gathering lots of LDS votes, but I suspect losing a few evangelicals along the way too. Both groups make up a large part of the conservative wing of the party, which I think is allowing McCain really to surge.
So I would love to hear from you. If you are a McCain supporter... why? Is it his policies? His ability to heal this country? His lifestory as a prisoner of war? what is it about him? What am I not "getting"? Also if it is McCain for the GOP, all you Romney supporters, what do you do? Hold your nose and support McCain? Do you pull an Ann Coulter and vote Hillary? Could you vote Hillary or Obama under any circumstance. (I'm assuming I'm talking to Republicans- I figure Democrats have no problem going for Hillary or Obama). Ok- here is a question for you Dems out there. Any way you vote Republican this year under any circumstance? Would you pick McCain over Hillary?


Kira Joy said...

If it is a McCain/Clinton ticket this year, I'm not sure what I will do!

Karie said...

Yikes, I hate to think about that!

Sean Gilmore said...

I think i would vote obama over clinton, but only because i am racist against whites...i am not really excited about mccain, i haven't really heard anything substantial come out of his mouth in the debates besides, "I was a foot soldier in during the Reagan Revolution!" that is wonderful...now what are you going to do for the economy, or illegal immigration...is nader even running this year? anyways, i won't be supporting either party whole heartedly this year if it is mccain and hilary, i guess i could always write in Stephen T. Colbert on the ballot and use my vote that way

Sean Gilmore said...

and i don't count mccains let everyone pay $5000 (or whatever it is) and stay in america, doing something about illegal immigration