Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Pioneer Day

Big Mormon Holiday today. Hope everyone is honoring the pioneers today. Our Ward is actually celebrating tomorrow with a ward picnic, but I think I will miss it since I am going to the county fair tomorrow to see Emerson Drive. Sean and I are also going tonight to watch pig mud wrestling. Today I am thinking about my great great great great grandma, Abigail Shaffer Woolsey. She joined the church after one of my great uncles joined in Kentucky and got the family to move to Nauvoo. Her husband never joined the church and died in Nauvoo, but she headed west as one of the wives of John Doyle Lee. (Two of her daughters were also his wives... ewww). Anyway he married her because she was old and needed somebody to help her out west. However, my grandma, didn't make it to the Salt Lake Valley. She fell sick in Wyoming and died at the crossing of the sweet water river. They buried her in an unmarked grave along the trail. I think about her more now that I live in Wyoming. I appreciate what my ancestors sacrificed so that their posterity could have the gospel in their lives. For me, Pioneer Day is a day to think back on family. So go celebrate today, go ride a horse or something. For me- I'm going to watch people try to catch a greased pig!

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Kira Joy said...

We celebrated! We ate KFC (which actually started in Salt Lake, so it was perfect right?) and store bought cookies (which start tasting more like homemade the longer they sit in the sun, so that is kinda like old-fashioned) in the canyon and played pioneer games like frisbee. It was a fun day with the fam!