Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Emerson Drive

Sean and I went to the Emerson Drive concert tonight at the County Fair. It was a great concert. They sang the #1 country song "Moments". Great song. There first #1, but I doubt it will be their last. We also went crazy over the corn dogs at the fair tonight. Sean ate two and I had one, but I wanted more. Lacey and Sean went back up to ride the carnival rides.

Here is the lead singer of Emerson Drive.

Sean actually was having a good time.

Sean andLacey got home after midnight and had a blast. They went to get some corn dogs on the way out and the place was already shut down for the night. So off to McDonalds they went and ran into the guitar player from Emerson Drive. They ended up following him to see where they were staying and found the bus at the King's Motel. They were excited they knew where the band was staying the night, but at least they didn't act like groupies and hang out in the parking lot like some people were doing. But the guitarist did smile at them at McDonalds and talked to them about the fries (they were stale and he made them cook new ones for him).


sean said...

what were they doing to those corn dogs? they were so good, there had to be crystal meth in it or something, i could live on those things

Kira Joy said...

You know, some people would think your little drummer friend was a primadonna for asking for new fries...I respect that he demanded a good product. I have to give kudos to someone who is a concerned consumer (unless he was a jerk about it...then he's just a primadonna)