Tuesday, July 24, 2007

County Fair

Pig Wrestling! Yep, this is a favorite past time at many county fairs in the area. I have to admit, its fun watching people try to catch a crazed and frightened pig in the mud and throw the pig in a barrel. Sean and I went tonight to watch this great event. We watched little kids and teenagers, by the time the adults were ready to try their hand in it we lost interest and left the event. However, Sean caught a Northwest College t-shirt and water bottle that were being thrown between teams to people in the grand stands. I of course enjoyed a few treats from the fair, a corn dog, an Italian sausage sandwich, elephant ears and a texas twister drink. Haven't heard of a texas twister? Well, it basically is fruit punch with pieces of lemon and lime in it. Sean also got a funnel cake. We shared the texas twister. Tomorrow Sean and I go watch Emerson Drive in concert at the fair. Page stayed home tonight, Lacey had to work so it was boys night out.

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