Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day

After Sacrament Meeting at Church onSunday, they passed out big bottles of Dad's Root Beer to all the Fathers. I thought that was pretty awesome. Lacey also got me a big can of honey roasted peanuts.

We took a drive to Big Horn Canyon. It's only about 30 minutes from our house. They have a wild herd of horses there that are protected. These wild mustangs were left by the Spaniards. Last year Sean and I came up here and didn't see any horses. On Sunday we saw a herd of them. I was really excited.

I love this view. I wanted to show it to Page and Lacey. We are standing above Devil's Canyon looking south on Big Horn Lake. Page surprised me with tickets to take a 2 hour excursion on this lake. So I will be down there in a boat soon.

This is looking north. I love how the canyon is long and narrow and filled in by water. Part of it is in Wyoming and the other part in Montana.

Page and Lacey making sure I have a great Father's Day.

And I did! We came home to BBQ ribs, homemade potato salad and baked beans. Page also made her famous chocolate sauce, just for me!!!, and poured it over vanilla ice cream and sliced bananas. It was so good.

Sean also sent me Happy Father's Day wishes earlier from Argentina by email. So overall I had a great day.

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Lacking Productivity said...

I love that you guys are always up to something fun.

I'm glad you had a great father's day. You deserve to be spoiled.