Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Utah Getaway

This past weekend, Page and I took a few days off to getaway and spend time together. We chose Utah. It is close and has fun things to do. And a chance to do some shopping in the big city. On Sunday morning we went to Salt Lake City and heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir during their weekly live broadcast from Temple Square in the Tabernacle. We go to sit way down front. Afterwards we saw the Joseph Smith movie in the Visitor Center and the beautiful Christus statue.

Here we are in Temple Square with a view of the Salt Lake Temple.

We also stopped by to see a few of Sean's BYU friends. They let us film them talking to Sean. We sent the tape along with some messages from Page, Lacey, the Ludwigs and me. We also sent some Valentine goodies to Sean today in the mail.
Here is a picture of Sean's friends in their apartment at BYU
Back- L to R: Emily, Kitty, Natalie, Alex
Front- Page

We also had lunch one day at Tango House in Provo. It is an Argentine restuarant. We had empanadas, milanesa and gnocci. And to top it off we had flan covered with Dulce de Leche.

Here is Page with the owner of the restuarant, Andrea and her daughter Antonella. They are from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They moved to the USA when Antonella was 11. They first lived in California then moved to Utah. They were so nice and of course we told them all about Sean and they talked about Argentina. They are going back for a visit in March and offered to take anything to Sean we wanted to send him. Isn't that cool? We only met for a few minutes, but we could tell they are great people.
Our trip was a lot of fun. We had fun talking and hanging out together. I have to admit I pooped out more than Page did. By 5 p.m. everyday, I wanted to take a nap. We got to see our friends the Ludwigs, although not for very long, but they all seem to be doing very well. I finally got to eat at Cafe del Rio. For the past 5 years I have been wanting to go and every time we are in Utah we never make the time to do it. Well, finally Page and I went. I had the pork burrito and it was AWESOME. I will go back there again sometime.
We made it home safely and both of us went to work today, but we are already thinking about when we can get away together again.


Lacking Productivity said...

It was so great to see you!

Jenn said...

Sounds like fun! I am headed to So Cal in Feb. I can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you take a picture inside of the tabernacle?--I hope that you at least turned off the flash.

Happy Gilmores said...

Yes, I took it inside the tabernacle WITH a flash! This was during the early morning run through practice and we could take pictures. I was good and stayed nice and quiet during the actual broadcast. But an old lady in front of me kept pointing at the montitors and talking in a loud voice and there were a couple people behind us talking during the actual live broadcast. Ugh.

peacock family said...

I am totally hungry now after reading this...I'm looking forward to a little Cafe Rio myself this coming weekend!