Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve in Cody

Lacey wants to know what will happen if she sticks her tongue on this pole when it is freezing outside.....

Lacey and Page after our Christmas Eve dinner in Cody

Every Christmas Eve since we left California we have gone out for a special dinner as a family. Tonight we ate at the Rib and Chop House in Cody. Here is a picture of us outside the Rib and Chop after we had nice steak and chicken dinners. Then we headed back home to wrap up the day and get ready for Christmas.

It will be nice to have Lacey spend the night and spend the day with us tomorrow. Also the big phone call from Argentina by Elder Sean... how great is that going to be!!!!!!

Merry Christmas


Anonymous said...

Merry Chrismas

peacock family said...

I know it's a breach of etiquette, and Lacey won't know me well enough, but.... I triple dog dare her to see what happens when she touches that cold pole with her tongue!!! (JK,don't do it Lacey!!!)