Saturday, May 12, 2007

Los Angeles

I was in Los Angeles this week. I arrived on Monday in Long Beach. My Mom told me my cousin, Karen was not doing well and was expected to pass away any moment, so we rushed from the airport out to Riverside to see her. She did not look well. But I did get to see her and express my love to her and give her a kiss. She is only 44 years old. (My Mom called this morning and informed me she passed away this morning in her hospital room at 10:45 a.m). Monday night I headed to downtown LA for a two day meeting. I was able to take Dr. Tracy and Dr. Wurzel to the Bonaventure for dinner on Tuesday night. We sat at the top, where the room moves so you get a 360 degree view of Los Angeles in about an hour as you slowly move. We could see the Griffith Park fire from where we were eating. The fire just missed the zoo and the observatory. Wednesday, I took the docs to Santa Monica Pier for lunch and dropped them off to the airport, then I headed back to Moms for a couple days. Thursday we had a great time. We had breakfast on the ocean in Long Beach, then we went shopping for shells for Lacey. We then went to downtown LA's chinatown to eat at Yang Chows and had their slippery shrimp. It is the best thing you will ever eat! Delicious. Every table orders it and the green beans. We did too. After that we drove down to San Pedro to put flowers on my Grandma Congo's grave since it would have been her 89th Birthday, then we stopped at the Spanish Deli and got some Manchego Cheese and Spanish Chorizo to have for dinner. We had a full day. On Friday we just hung around the house then off the airport where I flew to Salt Lake and was delayed for about an hour. I got into Cody at about 11:15 p.m. last night. Then this morning we moved to a new house! I am beat! My feet hurt so bad.

Page called and said Sean is doing well at Lewistown for tennis today. He has beaten Butte Central, Havre and Hardin which ensures him the 2nd seed for next weekends Divisional Championships. If he beats Lewistown convencingly this afternoon, he will be top seed. Page said the girls all told her they think he looks like Andy Roddick out on the courts. That should be good for his ego. Page also said his racket broke and he is worried about playing Lewistown with a poor racket (a spare he brought). I hope you do well Sean!

Sean also got an invite to the awards banquet for Wednesday. The school only sends out a personal invitation if you are getting an award or scholarship. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Last week, Sean also got a certificate for being in the top 10% of ACT scores (college entrance exams).

Well I got to get back to cleaning the old house, getting the last few items from the old house to the new house and then start unpacking. I'm going to miss celebrating Mother's Day with Page this year. Happy Mothers Day, Page!~ and to my Mom and Mother-in-law. By the way, I got to see my Mother In Law this week. She has been very ill. I have to say, I felt a lot better when I saw her. She looks great. We have been so worried.

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