Friday, May 04, 2007

Hey World! Sean beat Havre

Sean and Coach Hoover talking strategy
Lacey got to watch her little brother play some tennis.

Here is Sean between games

What's the big deal you ask? It is a HUGE deal! Sean beat the #1 player from the #1 tennis school in our division today. He was at a tournament in Billings. This morning he played the #1 player from Glendive and beat him. Then he played a new guy from Hardin (the 4th different guy they have thrown at him) and beat that guy. Then late this afternoon he played Haver #1. We have been waiting for this, and I have to admit I was pretty nervous. I was just hoping he would not get beat too bad. Yeah, I thought that, isn't that aweful? Sean took the first game and I thought... hmmmmm.... he beat him, it was well fought and each game was close but Sean seemed to close the deal on most of the games. After he beat Havre, he came to the fence where Page and I were sitting and he flashed the biggest grin. He and we were so excited. Getting to the State Championships seems very likely at the moment.

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Kira Joy said...

I am excited to hear what happens. Keep us posted!