Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Best of Show

Did you watch the Westminster Dog Show over the last few days from New York? I always seem to be drawn to it. Well this year a Springer Spaniel named Diamond Jim won the top prize. Springers are great dogs. I have had 3 of them, Sophie, Sadie and Angus. I usually want to get a new dog after I see this dog show, but this year I think I'm safe and got the bug out of my system. Our golden, Molly is 13 years old and not doing very well. She has mammory cancer and hip problems. I don't think we are going to have her too much longer. She has been a great family dog and we are all going to be really sad when she goes. Some of the dogs my family and I have had are:
Queenie, black lab
Tinkerbelle, terrier mix
Cricket, beagle
Sophie, springer
Sadie, springer
Pepper, lab mix (didn't last long- big dogs and small apartments don't mix well)
Molly, golden
Maggie, lab mix (didn't last long- too mean to Molly)
Copper, beagle (didn't last long- too mean and liked to snap at little kids... not good!)
Angus, Springer
Liberty, black lab
Lately I've been drawn to Old English Sheepdogs, Bearded Collies, Newfoundlands and English Bulldogs. So who knows if there is another dog in my future..... or maybe a big fat cat....(distant future!)


Jenn said...

We have a Beagle...her name is Rosie Mae. My best loved dog was a Pug...her name was Reyna, she dies a while back.
Here's our list
Roxy- shepard mix
Mitchell- lab mix
Marcie- Rottweiller
Betsy and Cherokee- Lab's and they were bro and sis
Sadie- Tennessee Red Blood Hound
Homer- Rottweiller
I've always like English Bulldogs, too. Something screams cute!!

Kira Joy said...

Tinkerbell huh ... you totally copied Paris Hilton. :)