Saturday, December 02, 2006

Trojan Defeat

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Oh the agony. What an ugly game! Our cross-town rivals beat us in the Rose Bowl today 13-9. It was such a low scoring game... a real defensive battle. Have to hand it to the gutty little Bruins. Their defense was on fire today and killed our late drive to win the game with an interception. I knew anything could happen in a rivalry game, but we did so well against Oregon, then Cal, then a huge win against Notre Dame.... it may have just been too much to sustain. We have 15 Freshman starters on this team and we had 9 injuries of veteran players over the season. Yet we were only a win away from playing in our 4th straight championship game. But it hurts to lose to a rival. I hate that more than missing out on the BCS championship game, I mean, we still are going to the Rose Bowl! We are Pac-10 Champs for the 5th straight year ( a Pac 10 record). However our 63 games 'scoring over 20 points' streak, a NCAA record, was broken today, our 7 game winning streak over UCLA was broken today. Give all the props to the Bruins, they played great. How in the heck did they lose 5 games this year? Looks like we will play either Michigan or LSU in the Rose Bowl. Both teams would be fun to play. Under Pete Carroll, loses have been very rare, haven't had to deal with it too much. Good thing I had Sean's winter formal to keep me busy tonight.

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