Sunday, August 09, 2009

Lacey's Birthday

Lacey turned 23 on July 29th. Where did my baby go?

We had lemon cake and Lacey's piece was served on the Red Plate. We had homemade taquitos and homemade guacamole for dinner too. Page did a great job on dinner, it was so good!

Lacey loves Ron Weasley, so we knew this present would be a big hit

And she is really into feather jewlery this year, so she got some of that too.
Happy Birthday, Lacey. We sure had fun celebrating with you.


Lacking Productivity said...

Happy birthday Lacey!
I hope ya'll had fun eating one of my most favorite meals in the whole universe.

Lisa P said...

I totally approve of the peacock hair-thingy:) My mom has decorated a whole wing of the house in the peacock motiff. Jeff hates it.