Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

I made this awesome chocolate cake for Page for Mother's Day.

We were excited for "the call" from our missionary, Sean, in Argentina today. He ended up calling about 2:45 p.m. our time but the calling cards didn't work out as planned. At Christmas he bought the $10 peso card, but couldn't find one this time so he bought 2 $5 peso cards. When he used the first one, it only lasted 7 minutes. When he used the second one, only 7 minutes. He tried calling collect and it didn't work either. He thought he could call back later with the help of other elders, but here it is after 9 p.m. and no call.

I did make Page a steak on the grill and we had baked potatoes, cut up fresh fruit, grilled asparagus and sauteed mushrooms... along with the chocolate cake. It was a lot of work but she was worth it. I also made some muffins and piggy pudding for breakfast.

Lacey spent most of the day with us too which was really nice. We watched a movie together also. So a movie, dinner, and 14 minutes (instead of the 40 that was allowed) with Sean. Sean sounded good, also sounded a lot older to us. Used a few words in Spanish instead of English which made us laugh. So that is how our day turned out.

Mom- I love you!


Lacking Productivity said...

Happy Mother's day Page!

Jenn said...

That cake looks so yummy! Bummer about the phone card problems...but I guess 14 minutes is way better than 0 minutes.