Tuesday, April 14, 2009


How was your Easter? I spent part of mine in the Emergency Room of our hospital. (Lacey told me to look like I was in pain, but the pain wasn't really bad).

See the blood? I punctured my arm with a very sharp carving knife while helping with Easter dinner. It was in the drain board, sharp side up and I wasn't careful.... That is what I get for helping. Lacey drove me to the hospital and Page cleaned up the big mess. It hit an artery and the blood went everywhere in the kitchen. I'm sure glad they were around to help.

Despite the drama, we had a very nice ham dinner for Easter.

The Easter Bunny left a basket and gifts for Lacey. Page and I were thrilled to have Lacey attend our Ward for Easter Sunday with us. Lacey and Page got to hear me sing in the Ward Choir too. I really love singing for Easter.

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter


Lacking Productivity said...

Ugg! I am so sorry!

Jenn said...

That looked scary!!
We have had many trips to the ER on holidays....not this year, yippee!